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Automotive Engineering Progress : Automotive Industry Trends 2020

Red Car with blue circle in background and connectivity, location and data sharing depicted

Now the car is no longer confined to limited stereotypical freedom in mobility concept because it is your gateway to entertain the wanderlust with thrill and excitement. Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we live and spend time and henceforth bringing revolution in-car technologies.  We all are aware of the phenomenon called digital transformation. It is prevailing all over the world in almost all fields including the cars. Automotive industry trends 2020 revealed that it’s gonna be EASCY soon.

Automotive Industry Trends 2020: Rapid Improvements Shaping Car Technologies

“EASCY” are not just five letters shaping the future of the automotive industry, but these are the five dimensions bringing revolution in-car technology. It is an acronym where E stands for electrified, A for Autonomous, S for shared, C for connected and Y for yearly updated. From creeping crawl to speeding bullets, let’s dig deep to have an insight about the rapid improvements in the car to stay in demand not just today but for years to come.

Electrification is everywhere

interior of self driving electric car

The emission-free mobility is contingent upon the electrification of the drive train. Besides local components, it is also critical for cars to drive with low carbon footprints. Emission-free mobility is a global initiative, therefore the renewable energy sources would be used to charge the vehicle. It ensures the CO2 neutral mobility. Three major types of electric cars are hybrid, hybrid electric and all-electric. Each offers different sets of features and functionalities but they are considerably less harmful to the environment than traditional gas-powered vehicles.

The Essence of Freedom in Mobility

autonomous cars labelled and the mobile app on right

The autonomous driving is now the real concept, that has come out from the science fiction books or films. Rapid progress in areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the deep neural network has brought this concept from an idea into reality. Thanks to the autonomous driving technologies for making a car to drive and handle complex traffic situations. The concept of autonomous driving is giving a new definition to the individual mobility platform and giving rise to the emergence of new application scenarios.

Shared Mobility/The Emergence of Carpooling

Tech Trends in the automotive industry have also introduced the idea of carpooling. Carpooling Apps are in vogue making people move around the city and find their way conveniently. It is an economically viable concept as it allows people to hail black luxury cars at much more reasonable rates. The autonomous and connected mobility solutions gave rise to the concept of shared mobility. Moreover, you can save your time as a bonus. Because you do not need to search for a shared vehicle in the surrounding. Access your mobile application to order a vehicle via the “On-demand” service.

Let’s Acknowledge the Wisdom Within Reach

Thanks to the automotive industry trend 2020 for making the car a pleasant area of accommodation. The fourth dimension of disrupting technology trends is networking with the outside world while commuting in the car. Here the term connected car is summarizing two key concepts including Car2Car communication and Car2X communication. It means there is a networking of the car with other cars or with the infrastructure surrounding it. In this case people on board (driver and passengers) are also connected with the outside world. You have options to surf the internet and access multi-media services during the commute. Work or communicate throughout the journey and make time as productive as possible.

Feel Liberated Inside the Car

The above-mentioned tech revolutions have brought an evolution in the automotive industry. It is showing a clear increase in the rate of innovation in the automotive industry. There is a dire need for brands to come up with the annually updated models. The annually updated cars integrating the latest and greatest hardware and software developments are necessary for brands to keep up the pace with tech trends.

Bottom Line

The car of the future would emit less-fumes and noise due to electrification and it will take less personal time and space due to autonomy. These cars would be easily accessible because there is no need for a driving license to have an advanced vehicle. And the affordably is an even more exciting advantage added to the concept of “it’s gonna be EASCY”.